Tailored-made training programmes

Halifax’ training activities cover many fields. We have no off-the-peg solutions, but we design and facilitate tailor-made workshops suited to the project’s objectives and the beneficiary. We have worked in fields such as finance, budgeting, communication, strategic planning and team building for a variety of institutions, companies and organisations. Our clients include international organisations and government bodies.

 Recent references

  • Support to the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Government (ECO/EAR) – Support for a local government training strategy. (Strategy finalised under our MSP – IPA 2007 project)
  • Training in Municipal Financial Management (UNDP/EAR) – Assistance to 13 South Serbian municipalities in the introduction of decentralized tax collection, budgeting, treasury systems, Capital Investment Planning etc.
  • Services to support ETF project activities (ETF) – Organisation of international conferences, training events and activities for the European Training Foundation.
  • Procurement workshop, Exchange I programme (VNG/EAR) – Training in EC (PRAG) and local procurement procedures.
  • Municipal training: Workshops and on-the-job coaching for municipal civil servants in the fields of public finance, communication, public utility management, and physical planning.