Proposals and Applications

No project is too large or too small

You have a project idea? Is your organisation eligible to apply for funding? Do you want to maximise your chance of succeeding?

Calls for applications are regularly published. Whether they are part of EU cross-border cooperation programmes, specific grant schemes or other programmes, each has a different format and aims to fulfil its own particular goals.

We have a long and successful history in writing project proposals and funding applications. We can help you identify the best concept, formulate a proposal in the way the contracting authority requires and submit an application that can give you the best chances of succeeding and receiving funding.


Halifax provides a full set of services to achieve a successful application:
We meet with the applicant to generate and refine a project concept in line with the particular Call.
We help the client to identify and contact suitable partners (if required)
We analyse the application package and identify the necessary application documents.
We create a budget in coordination with the client.
In case separate studies are needed (pre-feasibility study, feasibility study etc.), we can provide and coordinate the best experts to produce them.
We develop the full proposal in line with the expectations of the financing authority, together with the application documents. Some documents (registration, financial statements, etc.) must be provided by the applicant. We work with the client on the application until all are satisfied.
In case clarifications or additional material is requested by the financing authority, we ensure that it is prepared and submitted.
We closely advise the client on the steps they must take themselves, that cannot be taken by the consultant.

Principles of remuneration

The level of our fees depends on the success of the project, this principle assures the client that we will always make our best effort for their success.

Principles of cooperation

The best proposal and application can only be developed through a strong collaborative effort. We assist the client strongly in the process of making an application, but we cannot do this alone. The client must take an active part in working together to generate a proposal that fits its goals, its capacities, its resources and its budget.