How to register

To register with our database of professional experts, follow these steps:

 Download and fill in the standard EC Curriculum Vitae form in MS Word format.

Please do not use other CV formats or other file formats.

 Fill in the CV carefully – how you do it says as much about you as the content you write.

 Be concise, but try to be as detailed as possible, mention especially all of the projects you have  taken part in, and anything else with professional relevance.

 Date each engagement by month and year so an evaluator can clearly see the duration of a task.

 Provide contact details for reference person/company for each assignment.

 Do not send any certificates or recommendations at this stage.

2. Send us your CV attached to a brief cover mail, to the following address:

experts (at)

We will include your CV in our database, and inform you by e-mail. If you receive no reply, please try again or try calling – mail from certain providers is sometimes blocked by spam filters.

When a project arises for which your expertise is required, we will contact you to discuss your availability and the conditions of the job. At this stage (and not before), you may be required to provide copies of certificates (diplomas etc.) and evidence of the employment mentioned in your CV.