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Halifax supports LICEULICE

This year, Halifax decided not to send the usual New Year greetings to its clients and partners. While these are just nominal gifts of little value other than the attention and respect they show, the number of them is growing so large that in total they represent a tidy sum that we thought could be better used.

We decided to use it to support LICEULICE, an organisation that works for the social inclusion of marginalised groups. It does an excellent job under difficult circumstances, and we encourage you to support it too.


You can read more about LICEULICE and efforts to help it survive and thrive at:

Cross-border cooperation project Pirot – Montana

This job involved both of Halifax’ sectors, consulting and translation. The final forum for the cross-border cooperation project between Pirot and Montana took place at the end of March 2014. Business people from these two towns met to examine ways of smoothing the exchange of goods and services across the border. Halifax provide 4 speakers whose presentations covered important themes, from available EU funds, to clustering and cooperation between local governments and local business, to free zones and their advantages, with the details of the Pirot free zone. Moderation of this 2 day forum was also our task, which was successfully carried out together with the representatives of Pirot municipality.


Sonja Babić-Lythgoe (right) moderates the Pirot-Montana forum

As a part of this project, we translated more than 400 pages of legal and financial documentation, that will help businesses to make better use of the possibilities of cross-border cooperation.

NALED: promoting good conditions for doing business

NALED held its annual General Meeting. Halifax is a member of NALED, an organisation that brings together the public, private and civil sectors to promote the establishment of good conditions for doing business in Serbia. It has been particularly successful in drawing attention to regulations that hinder businesses for no good reason, issuing its Grey Book, of regulations that should be changed or scrapped.

Halifax partner David Lythgoe was invited by NALED to chair a new ethics committee. He addressed the NALED AGM on the subject (see the address below). Consistent with its values, Halifax believes that integrity in doing business is a necessary condition for economic development, and we hope this new initiative can help raise awareness on the issue.

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