International Development Programmes

We work in many sectors, often partnering with sector specialists to provide full coverage of content and process.

At the tender preparation stage, our input varies from complete project design and writing a full proposal, to key contributions, especially the analysis of local conditions. Our presence and knowledge of the actors enable us to ensure that a good project proposal is deeply anchored in local reality. It must address the needs effectively and strongly involve local actors to make use of all channels of knowledge transfer.

In the execution stage, we provide secure project management with close, highly responsive support and backstopping. We ensure that the client is never frustrated by distance or by lack of understanding from the consultant’s side.
Our work lies in the following: 

  • project design
  • budgeting
  • background research
  • proposal writing
  • assessment of local and international personnel
  • identification and hiring of experts and other resources
  • organisational capacity building
  • design and organisation of workshops and training
  • logistical support
  • monitoring and evaluation
    close backstopping