Cross-border cooperation project Pirot – Montana

This job involved both of Halifax’ sectors, consulting and translation. The final forum for the cross-border cooperation project between Pirot and Montana took place at the end of March 2014. Business people from these two towns met to examine ways of smoothing the exchange of goods and services across the border. Halifax provide 4 speakers whose presentations covered important themes, from available EU funds, to clustering and cooperation between local governments and local business, to free zones and their advantages, with the details of the Pirot free zone. Moderation of this 2 day forum was also our task, which was successfully carried out together with the representatives of Pirot municipality.


Sonja Babić-Lythgoe (right) moderates the Pirot-Montana forum

As a part of this project, we translated more than 400 pages of legal and financial documentation, that will help businesses to make better use of the possibilities of cross-border cooperation.